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Awaken Your Healing Power

The best seller book from John Wong, “Awaken Your Healing Power” is now available as audiobook,
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English Ver. Book

John Wong CW is the founder and author for the book “Awaken Your Healing Power” by Transcendental Connection. His Major is in Molecular Genetics and he was trained in Bio and Analytical Chemistry for Mass Spectrometry and Bio-safety in USA. He is currently completing his PhD in Metaphysics Counselling. As a Metaphysician, he offers voluntary sharing of his experience to the terminally ill or the incurables by advocating self healing awareness and healing connection, complimenting the main stream treatment.  His work is towards the general future of scientific development and spiritual science; it is non religious and non sectorian. John serves as a Director in a Non Profit Organisation called National Neurological Foundation. He is also a frequent speaker on the latest insights and trends on safety in Food, Water, Environmental safety where Mass Spectrometry is concern.  He is strong believer in Psychosomatic Science with Quantum Energy Theory where body spontaneous healing is involved. He offers counselling on voluntary basis to some Non Profit Organisation and some hospitals by referral. He is a USA Certified NLP Practitioner and also a Mastery Mentor in Universal Character Profiling in Numeric Energetics.

John has been involved with the research and regulatory sector around South East Asia since 1997. Earlier, he was in the research area of biomedical and tropical diseases in the academia. He was involved during the pioneering day of introducing Bio-safety Practice. Since 2000, he has been involve with SEA region in some of the pioneering work and studies using the most advanced mass spectrometry technologies for sectors evolving like Food Safety Screening, Environmental Screening, Health products Screening, Dis-ease Markers , Natural Products Screening and Pharmaceutical Drug Development. He is also one of the founding executive board members with other prominent scientists of the prestigious professional society called Singapore Society for Mass Spectrometry (SSMS).

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Chinese Ver. Book

2005年,John,一名31岁的分子生物学家被一种特殊的疾病给缠上。他颈部以下的部位完全瘫痪了,他体内的一些器官也开始出现故障。不仅如此,他还失去了”看”的能力。他万万没有料到,自己的身体竟然会在他职业生涯的巅峰败了下来,他的生活,也因此而陷入停顿状况。当时,许多医生都认定他的病是不治之症;然而,他却公然地挑战了医生们的判断。凭着本身的信念与努力,经过了漫长艰苦的三年,他奇迹般地从瘫痪和失明的情况下康复过来! 通过《唤醒你的自愈力》,John与读者分享他的经历:他是如何透过《超验连结》找回生命的’本源’以致他奇迹般的康复,以及当他继续走向这条自我觉醒的终身路径的时候,他是如何毫不犹豫地伸出双手去协助那些需要帮助的人。 这本书再一次地提醒我们,只要我们想让某件事情发,它其实是可以随着我们的意愿而发生。这本书将让你认识自己和你的生活,更重要的是,它将帮助你释放你无穷的内在能量! “这本书令人大开眼界!如果你希望通过改变自己对这世界的看法来保持健康、活力和青春,你就一定不能错过这本书。它让我想起生活中的一切,包括我的身体,是一个奇迹。我强烈地推荐这本书!” ~ DR MEL GILL,国际畅销书作者 “人体是上帝创造出来的一个杰作,当有利的条件集合,它就有自己愈合的能力。John通过自己的经历,告诉我们他是如何克服危机、治愈自己和帮助他人。这本书神妙地反映出上帝赋予每个人的无限能力!” ~ DR CHUA TECK-MEAN,能量医学研究员.

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Let’s take a look about our outcome and comments.

One word to sum up my feelings so far: wow. I am shocked. You’ve described your Experiences and ordeals SO vividly and honestly… Its hard not to get absorbed and to think abt how and what happened when such an illness is so intimate… Thank you for your courage and in sharing with us. Thanks for being real.
Stephanie Milani Theng, Indonesia
I found this Transcendental Connection® Technique very profound and informative. I will apply and practise to enhance my daily life
Catherine Sim
Open Eye Meditation & practice exercise on the intuition development; Good and clear presentation.
Fiona Soh, Business Woman

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