Quantum Fractal Scaling

Transcendental Connection® Chart for Life and Health Matrix

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

– Sir Arthur C Clark.

What is this?

There are 5 aspects or elemental components in everyone’s life. They form the dynamics parameters that could determine ones health tendencies, how it recovers in most optimal way and how it decline in its worst manner as well. Vitalistic sciences of this faculty has been practiced, studied, researched and revised from period to period. It has been research and studied by imperial scholars since time of AyurvedaYellow Emperor Internal Medicine Canon, Kabbalistic Tree of Life and its Medicine wheel, and many other precious ancient teachings. There is link on this chart to theYellow Emperor Internal Medicine Canon law doctrine.

Which is most important?

The 5 elements Void, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth which are symbolic representation of human body and universal life pattern, Void represent changing one’s outlook of life or one’s psyche, is the most powerful in healing as revealed in Quantum Physics studies and Ancient Metaphysics Sciences/ Spiritual scholars. It is supported by scientific concept revealed in Bose- Einstein Condensate Experiment, the 3000 realms in single moment in Transcendental Connection Moving Chart, Quantum Entanglement, Noble Prized Double Slit Experiment and many others scientific experiments. Void (human consciousness) domain demonstrates that one can condition space time to perform healing or shifting the outcome.

Where to find more materials?

These are also mentioned in the best seller book, Awaken Your Healing Power. There are 5 elements of healing techniques in the world. Out of all 5, Fire Element is the least effective where healing and improving one’s life is concerned. Transcendental Connection Researchers who profess in such skill, rank it the least effective or important. The professional way of assessment and analysis of one’s life and health is NOT performed here. This is just a snap shot of personal “files” downloaded from your own Mental Body Field for your basic viewing and understanding ones health and life tendencies. Some called the Akashic Section. Approaching a Licenced TC Reseacher is highly advisable in your country. The scientific basis is based on simple Quantum Mechanic studies where there is a correlation between the Fractal Matrix of one’s realities and how one individual in the holographic universe being labeled. Example of holographic label like name, date of birth and time of birth can produced accurate information. An analogy is to extract vital date files of ones life from a server (mental cosmic field) based on correlation stated by one’s particulars. Its something like getting your personal files from a Google, iClouds or Dropbox.

Quantum Fractal Scaling

Note: Only Fire Element technique is used here.

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