NAHA Accredited Aromatherapy
(Ancient Metaphysics)

About This Program

This is a fully accredited
professional certification

Recognised Internationally

12 Solid Years of Proven Clinical Records and Experiences

Strict Clinical Observation When Engaging your Clients or Cases

This Training is Strictly for people
Serious in the Art of Healing

Besides Learning the Contemporary Methods of UK, French, German, we Dive Deeper into the Ancient and The Metaphysical Aspects of Essential Oils

Understanding the Integration and Function of 5 Elements when using Essential Oils

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Be a part of an exciting integrative approach to health and healing!
Be a part of an exciting integrative approach to health and healing by taking a clinical certification in aromatherapy program offered by Applied Metaphysics. We offer a 300 hour course of study that includes hands-on courses, reading, homework, a research project and paper, case studies, webinars and written exams. Learn the healing properties of essential oils and their safe use through a unique holistic approach integrating the dynamics of ancient healing methods with the art and science of essential oils.

We are the only internationally accredited aromatherapy program that is based on ancient traditional healing methodologies. Applied Metaphysics is approved as a school of aromatherapy by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) for Level I, II and III in Aromatherapy.
Course commences
every 15th of the month


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I have found this course to be very unique in its approach to learning with far more emphasis on understanding the content and learning to think for oneself rather than just being supplied with information to memorize. It's very practical and opens one up to a vast spectrum of knowledge beyond just essential oils, which is wonderful because it provides the basis for continual life-long learning and development within aromatherapy. As an addict of learning, I am thrilled to have found something that continually feeds my inquiring mind with limitless potential. Tremendous thanks and appreciation go to the facilitators for taking learning to the next level and guiding us every step of the way. Your diligence in creating the course and your facilitation in us is exceptional.
Melanie J. Jones
The course was very well structured, with invaluable resources provided to guide us not only into memorizing, but into understanding and practicing aromatherapy. The videos were extremely helpful to lay out important elements, additional information beyond the scope and personal examples that helped in learning the material. It's an enjoyable course. Thank you John & Matilda!!
Desiree Bonau
I am glad I signed up for the course. It's worthwhile and great value for money as i have learnt so much about using essential oils to heal the body and mind, and help others as i help myself and my family.
Esther Thien
I have learnt a lot about EO, the history, how EO is produced not only just how to use EO in this level 1 course. The teachers are very dedicated and systematic. Not only do we have a textbook, there are even online videos and live session or practical session to help with our studies, making it more interactive. Looking forward to my level 2.
Janice Dhing
I'm glad I decided to take this course with ISAMS. I've learnt so much more. It was fun, too. Thank you John, Matilda, and Joanne for making it happen. Excited for level 2 & 3
Maria Dewie
Love this course. Especially the metaphysical part
Endang Setiawati
John and Matilda are very experienced in eo line and I have gained new knowledge to enhance myself and to share with my members. Thank you.
Ming Ceh
I truly learn a lot even at this level 1. I have more knowledge on how to use the oils, how to recommend and advise my members more professionally. In all, I appreciate the oils much better now.
Goh Hooi Nah (Hannah)
I learnt so much from John and Matilda. From this course, I started to appreciate essential oil properties even more. The knowledge from level 1 helps me to use essential oil more effectively as well
Chee Foong Kim

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