Become a Metahealer




Starseed Souls, Healers, Metaphysical Teachers

and people who are naturally inclined to such an arena

In this program

You will become a master healer
With a vast array of healing modalities under your command
You shall discover your unique gift in the true art of healing
This is a complete master foundation Program for you
For people who want healing, metaphysics and spirituality as a career

Who is suitable

Anyone who needs self-healing
Anyone who wants to reinstate their health back
Starseed souls, healers, metaphysical teachers, people who are naturally inclined to such an arena


Everything under and beyond the sky on the scientific and esoteric basis of Earth Histories, Metaphysics, Spirituality Processes, Energies, Healing, Elements, the Worldly Realms of existence and many others.

Applied Metaphysician and Researcher with clarity in above fields.

The program assists you to accelerate to develop into Healer, Spiritual Coach or into Metaphysician Teacher.

The benefits are immense!

This program will initiate the process of soul awakening to experience spirituality, energies and transcendence of oneself.

Become one who can co-create with the Universe favourable outcomes.

This program also prepares you to become an evolved human to develop towards spontaneous abilities in one’s sensory and spiritual acuities. ie. Sensing Vibrations, Channels and Omens.

The course is preparation through simulations, transmission, initiations and participation. Question and Answer is vital. 4 days of DNA field Activation.

Transcendental Connection. Registers, licensed and Copyright USA 2011.

Worldwide since 2011.

Founded by John WongCW

ZOOM video setup and self-isolation inside a room over 2 Saturdays and Sundays consecutively (4 days). Quietness without distractions.

You are to continue to discover your Metaphysical gifts for betterment of your own life, consciousness and others.