John Wongcw


Biography of John Wongcw

Biography of John Wongcw

2013 Torch-bearer Award Recipient (United Nation)
Researcher, Bio Physics Medicine
Molecular Biologist
Founding Executive Board Member of Singapore Society for Mass Spectrometry (SSMS)
Health Coach and Consultant
Founder of Transcendental Connection
Author of the Best Seller “Awaken Your Healing Power”
Applied Metaphysician
Chief of Bio-Quantum Wellness Program
Visiting Consultant and Researcher for Bao De Tang Chinese Medical Institute, Beijing, China
Principal of ISAMS, International School of Applied Metaphysics Sciences (NAHA Clinical Aromatherapy)

About John Wongcw

John recieved Torch-bearer Award from Harmony Run in the year 2013, a Non Profit NGO in United Nation and part of UNESCO effort. The Torch-Bearer Award was created to recognize and honor those people who have inspired their nations, their cities, and their communities through their own lives and deeds.

Recipients of the Torch-bearer Award are Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Sting, Carl Lewis and many other world dignitaries. More about Torch-Bearer Award: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/torch_bearer.html

John Wongcw is recognized to be one of the foremost international pioneer, opinion activist and research on primordial applied metaphysical sciences, philosophy and it’s craft. His research work is focused on the scientific link to the anthropological arguments of our healing abilities and origin. His work is not bounded by academia constraint, religious current view nor constitutional dogmas. His work is of neutral, evolving and independent nature.

John's Story

In December 2004, at the peak of a distinguished career in the life sciences industry, John was struck down by a mysterious illness. He suffered total paralysis from the neck down and near total blindness due to extensive nerve and axonal damage. Some of his internal organs were badly affected and malfunctioned for a period of time. Medically speaking, nerves cannot recover and re-grow by themselves once the axonal core is severely damaged. Despite undergoing numerous tests, the doctors were unable to diagnose with certainty the cause of this illness. He was coined a Medical Mystery by many.

Physicians, therapists, social workers and friends did not believe he could go back to his stressful corporate life. Nobody even believed that he will ever recover enough to walk, see, work and drive again. But not only did he return to a hectic corporate management life in the business sector, he further managed a team of scientists and contributed much to the growth of a number of companies. Now he is an entrepreneur and health coach.

His Recovery

What happened? Using his scientific knowledge, John discovered bit by bit 5 scientifically studied and proven keys in life to regenerate his body and battle his own incurable medical condition. Not only did he recover and help others to do so, he later realised that this specific rejuvenation process has also enabled him to achieve peak performance in his career, health and life in general.

John has since been featured on TV, radio, national newspapers and magazines around the world, telling people his remarkable story. He offers counselling on a voluntary basis to some Non-Profit Organisations and hospitals by referral. He also spends time with terminally-ill patients, sharing with them his experiences and advocating self-accountability, self-healing awareness and the healing connection which complements main stream medical treatment.

During the later phase of his recovery, John did extensive research on the sector he works in. Besides the holistic understanding of Water, Nutrition, Environment, Energetics and one’s Mental state that have a profound impact on a person’s health, he discovered that there is a deeper aspect to each of these areas. These are discreetly revealed in his best seller book “Awaken Your Healing Power”, backed by scientific findings and discussions.

John's Background

John is a scientific professional with a background in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology. He was trained in Bio-Analytical Chemistry for Mass Spectrometry and Bio-Safety in USA. He has been involved with the research and regulatory sector in South East Asia since 1997, researching biomedical and tropical diseases and consulting with top government agencies in Singapore and the region. Since 2000, he has been engaged in some of the pioneering work and studies using the most advanced mass spectrometry technologies for sectors like Food Safety Screening, Environmental Screening, Health Products Screening, Disease Markers, Natural Products Screening and Pharmaceutical Drug Development in SEA. He was also involved in the pioneering days of introducing Bio-Safety Practice in SEA.

Although scientifically inclined by training, John has always loved to support, learn and work with Practitioners, Healers and Researchers in Naturopathy and other Alternative Healing Therapies. He marvels at the infinite potential of humans and the varieties of healing arts. He believes all the beautiful forms of healing come from one profound source.

John serves as a consultant to various wellness organisations. He is a frequent speaker in various schools, VWOs and NGOs on the latest insights and trends on Food, Water and Environmental Safety where Mass Spectrometry is a concern for more than a decade. He is a strong believer in Psychosomatic Science and Quantum Energy Theories where the body is capable of spontaneously healing itself.


John proved himself to be a miracle maker when my mom was admitted to the hospital on the brink of death. Through his inputs, my mom made a miraculous recovery that left the managing doctors dumbfounded. John is truly a giver and I am thankful and extremely blessed to have been touched and influenced by his amazing work.

Dr Vincent Tan

Donna, my mother’s friend collapsed with a pain in her stomach, and the virus got everywhere, critical stage in Dec/Jan. John taught the family how to awaken her when all the doctors gave nothing but datelines. Now she woke up and is back home! Thank you, John!

Dr. Isaac KK Loong